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Since its inception in June 2007, Wind NI has grown into one of the largest wind power development companies in Northern Ireland with a current active portfolio of over 100 individual projects in various stages of development and operation with more under consideration.

We specialise in the medium wind industry (150kW to 250kW) and have recently achieved our 100th Planning Approved project, a target which has been reached far ahead of schedule. We are delighted to announce our 40th turbine was installed in May 2016. The roll out of our entire portfolio of single turbine projects will then continue at pace over the next one to two years.


For landowners in Northern Ireland not wishing to invest in wind energy but keen to reap the financial benefits of having a wind turbine located on their site, Wind NI can finance and develop the entire project, providing the landowner with a stable source of revenue for the lifetime of the project. Please contact us for more information.

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