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Antrim Hospital Wind Turbine Makes Profit

Posted on: February 25th, 2009

Hospital Wind Turbine Makes Profit

The 40 metre high 660 kW Vestas V47 wind turbine, the largest at any hospital in the UK, has been fully operational since February 7th 2005. Providing all the power required at night and two -thirds of daytime use the turbine generates 1.2m kWh annually, providing a large majority of the £90 000 annual electricity bill.

Since it’s launch just over three years ago the turbine has made a £56 000 profit, and reduced CO2 emissions by 1 085t.

The turbine cost £497,000, of which 80% was a grant from the Government Central Energy Efficiency Fund. Without a grant it would take five years for the initial cost to be repaid. The wind turbine has been a success and other hospitals across the UK are taking an interest in replicating what has been achieved at Antrim.
“The money freed up by not having to pay electricity bills and the profit gained from selling electricity back to the national grid can now be spent on patients and service. This turbine is not only good for the environment but it is good for the local people too.”
Thomas Burns, South Antrim, MLA
With the use of favourable grants, and a short payback period, Antrim Area Hospital has used their location to make a sound business and environmental decision which has decreased their substantial energy bill, enabling them to use the profit to reinvest in primary care. The turbine will continue to generate electricity for many years to come, reducing their overall impact on the environment by 350t of CO2 per annum. Strategic planning similar to this, where it is feasible to implement will be vital to enacting a low carbon economy for the future.