Advice Section

Siting Turbines Near to Public Roads and Railways

Posted on: March 11th, 2009


A85. Applicants are advised to consult at an early stage with DRD Roads Service for development affecting public roads. In the case of railway lines consultation should take place with Translink.

A86. Although wind turbines erected in accordance with best engineering practice are considered to be stable structures, they should be set-back at least fall over distance plus 10% from the edge of any public road, public right of way or railway line so as to achieve maximum safety.

A87. Concern is often expressed over the effects of wind turbines on car drivers, who may be distracted by the turbines and the movement of the blades. Drivers are faced with a number of varied and competing distractions during any normal journey, including advertising hoardings, which are deliberately designed to attract attention. At all times drivers are required to take reasonable care to ensure their own and others’ safety. Wind turbines should therefore not be treated any differently from other distractions a driver must face and should not be considered particularly hazardous. The provision of appropriately sited lay-bys for viewing purposes may be helpful in giving an opportunity to view the wind energy development in safety; lay-by size should be adequate to cater for tour buses.