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Leasing Payment Amount

Posted on: January 15th, 2012

There are only certain amounts of rent that can be paid for a wind power project and most companies are currently offering approximately the same amount. This figure is usually determined by the size of the project.  The reason the rental amount being offered by most reputable companies is similar is because they have identified the appropriate rental amount that will allow the project to be financially viable.  If an offer or ‘guarantee’ from an individual or company sounds too good to be true then it usually is. After asking a series of questions you will often find that there is no substance behind such offers.

In order to avoid a situation like this it is essential to find out the following before beginning the conversation of what the rental income is likely to be:

1. How long has the company been going for?  Is it a company or an individual?  Does the company have a healthy trading history?  Are they well known in the Wind Sector?

2. What turbines is the developer proposing?  Is there long term historical information on the turbines?  Are the turbines insurable?

3. Who will be providing the operation and maintenance of the turbines?  How experienced are they in this sector?

4. Will the developer be able to actually develop the project?  Do they have the experience?  Do they have the finance in place?

All the above may seem more like the developers problem but it is very much in the Landowner’s interest to know the answers to these questions.


Since our company was formed in 2007 (long before 4 x ROCs were introduced), Wind NI has been dedicated to helping landowners diversify their income streams by using wind power.

We are locally based, in Larne, Co. Antrim and have a long term vision for our company as opposed to a ‘sell-on’ strategy.  All our packages are not only very generous but also sensible, realistic and most importantly, achievable.

Wind NI’s O&M providers have over 15 years’ experience commissioning, operating and maintaining turbines around the world for clients such as Vestas, Nissan, Airtricty, Scottish Power.