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Our first turbines installed and generating

Posted on: August 26th, 2012

We have now moved into the build phase for Wind NI Approved sites and our first wind turbine was successfully installed in Glennane, County Armagh in August of this year. This was another noteable milestone in our companys success and the first installation of many more to follow.

Wind NI is not tied to any particular turbine manufacturer for our developments. This gives us the freedom to use the best possible technology that is most suited to a particular site. As most industry insiders know, factors such as varying wind regimes and grid compliance and availability at different locations means one size does not fit all.

Another essential factor involved in successful wind turbine projects is having the required expertise and experience in all areas concerning the actual turbine itself; this encompasses everything from turbine installation to operation and maintenance. Selecting the right installation and O&M partner is crucial to the success of any wind turbine project.

For our first installation we are proud to have chosen Duncan Plant & Construction as our installation and O&M partner. Duncan Plant has been active in the wind power industry since 1995. They specialise in the installation and operation of turbines ranging from agricultural scale (75kw) up to larger wind farm size (2.5MW) and have a long history of installing and operating turbines across the British Isles & Europe. They specialise in maintenance, major component exchange, breakdown response, source and supply of spare parts, refurbishment and the supply of remanufactured turbines. They have and continue to work with many of the major players in the industry such as Vestas, Airtricity, Scottish Power and RES to name but a few.

Wind NI and Duncan Plant have individually built up highly respected positions in the industry. This is due not only to having a direct and honest approach with clients and competitors alike but also to having a track record of success with every project they have been involved with. Our collaboration brings together the dual strands of site development expertise and turbine installation and maintenance experience. This ensures project quality and delivery from start to finish.

Landowner involvement

Our relationship with the landowners from whom we lease sites is very important to us and we involve them every step of the way. Our Lease Agreements are for a minimum of 25 years; therefore mutual agreement and understanding of all aspects of any potential development are vital to the success of the project.

Wind NI’s leasing offers are not only very generous but also sensible, realistic and most importantly, achievable. If an offer or ‘guarantee’ from an individual or company sounds too good to be true then it usually is. We are also in the unique position of being able to offer our Landowners part–investment options to increase their revenue even further whilst having the reassurance of a partner in Wind NI who will take on the majority of the upfront finance costs and who have the experience required to actually deliver a successful project.
John Donaldson (Landowner of Wind NI’s first commissioned turbine site):

“The time between my first meeting with Colm from Wind NI and the turbine being commissioned and producing power was under 18 months which is an unbelievable turnaround on this kind of project. The Team at Wind NI kept me up to date during every stage of Planning, Grid Connection and Turbine Installation and there was no interference to any farming activities. The turbine itself looks great and I’m proud to have been the first farmer in these parts to have diversified into renewable energy and to play an active part in creating a cleaner environment.”