Wind NI would like to hear from farmers, community groups, charity organisations, public offices and major corporations that would like to earn additional income through generating clean sustainable energy on their land.

Wind turbines can provide landowners with a regular income, for no additional labour or expense, usually for a period of 25 – 30 years. Traditional farming has become increasingly difficult over the recent years and many farmers are looking to diversify. We believe that wind farming offers them a perfect solution.


How can Wind NI help farmers and landowners diversify?

There are two simple answers;

1. For those not wishing to invest but are open to the possibility of having a wind turbine sited on their land there are various options available ranging from a substantial reduction of energy bills to a rental agreement for the use of a very small section of ground.

•Having a Wind turbine on your property can provide landowners with a regular income, at no expense, usually for a period of 20 – 30 years. This can be realised by permitting us to finance and develop a wind power project on your land.

Landowner’s, please have a look at our rental offer which can be downloaded by clicking here.


2. A range of wind turbines can be provided for those wanting to invest in producing their own electricity (both to use and also for surplus power which can be sold back to the grid).

• The process of installing a wind turbine, regardless of size or height, can be a complicated and time consuming one. Wind NI can provide all the services necessary to get a wind power development completed; from preliminary site analysis to obtaining planning permission and finally to turbine installation.

Wind NI are dedicated to helping landowners diversify their income streams in these difficult times.