Wind NI Development Options

Site Leasing

For businesses and land owners not wishing to invest but keen to reap the financial benefits of having a wind turbine positioned on their site, Wind NI can finance and develop the entire project providing the landowner with a revenue percentage as a rental payment. Please see our landowner offer or contact us for more info.  Upon the landowner signing the consent documents, we guarantee the site will be submitted into planning no more than 2 weeks from this point.

Please click here to register your site if it is already in planning or has been approved.


Approved Sites

Clients that have obtained planning permission by themselves are welcome to submit their site to us for review.  Wind NI are best positioned to develop your site on your behalf if you are having difficulties with financing, turbine procurement or just no longer wish to proceed with the project.

Please click here to register your approved site to see if it meets our criteria for development.